What is Dramatix?

Dramatix is a virtual live venue for the dedicated

Share a live experience with your audience. Perform on a stadium, a cozy theatre, home studio or even out in nature and reach a global audience.

We believe in the power of premium experiences. Your live shows will be exclusively broadcasted on dramatix.tv in order to guarantee a seamless experience for you and your fans.

Monetize your digital live events

Dramatix is an online service that enables artists, promoters and event producers to sell tickets to events of any kind, promote them and broadcast them live in real time. On top of ticket sales, you can sell your merchandise before and during the event in our integrated one-stop-shop. We also enable the audience to make donations to you, charities or good causes of your choice.

The power of live

The connection between artist and audience in a live situation can’t be re-created. On Dramatix artist and audience share a specific room and moment in real time. This is a special experience. We believe in the power of live.

How does it work?

As an artist

  • In a remote meet-and-greet you and us decide on ticket and merch pricing, technical pre-requisites, timeline and what features to include.
  • If you have ideas of additional features, custom design, a series of events, we’re more than happy to accommodate you.
  • Our crew sets up your event page on dramatix.tv and ticket sales starts.
  • Do you want us to help with event promotion? No problem.
  • Prior to the event, we provide you with stream keys and stream links. Leading up to the event we will set up test streams with you to make sure nothing can go wrong when we’re ON AIR.
  • Showtime.
  • You get paid.

As a fan

No account. No queues. No hassle. After a confirmed purchase, the ticket holder receives their personal access code and event link via e-mail. No need for creating accounts on Dramatix. When the doors open, your fans get access to the event and can enjoy the experience with you.

What do we offer?


  • Premium quality video and audio
  • Integrated one-stop-shop for merchandise sales and donations
  • Live social media feed
  • Audience reactions
  • Custom event page
  • 24/7 Dramatix support for artists and producers
  • Live chat support for your fans
  • Event production on request
  • Event promotion on request
  • Additional features on request

Who are we?

Oakwood + Jubel

Dramatix is an initiative created and run by artist agency Jubel and e-commerce agency Oakwood Creative.

Oakwood focuses on designing soulful online experiences that help brands thrive. Experiences that delivers value long after they are visited, benefiting a brand for years to come. That has been our recipe for success since 2006. 

Jubel works as a hybrid between indie label, live agency and advertising agency. Our own name for the fusion is artist agency and as such we cover everything from releasing music and live bookings to brand partnerships

This mix of experiences results in a unique combination of knowledge in the music industry as well as design and web technology.


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